The TTIC Colloquium is a forum for talks by invited speakers on work of current relevance and broad interest to the computer science community.

The colloquium is held Mondays at 11:00 am in the TTIC Conference Room.

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Title: Structure from Motion in the Wild: Towards Reconstructing Active 3D Scenes from Moving Cameras

Date: Sept. 26

Speaker: Yaser Sheikh, CMU

Host: Raquel Urtasun (

Title: Predicting Beta-Sheet Protein Folding Pathways Using Ensemble Models

Date: Sept. 30 at 2:00 pm

Speaker: Jerome Waldispuhl, McGill

Host: Jinbo Xu (

Title: Privacy Preserving Speech Processing

Date: Oct. 17 at 2:00 pm

Speaker: Manas Pathak, CMU

Host: Joseph Keshet (

Title: Collective Construction by Termites and Other Robots

Date: Oct. 24

Speaker: Justin Werfel, Harvard

Host: Karen Livescu (

Title: What is Singular Learning Theory?

Date: Nov. 7

Speaker: Shaowei Lin, Berkeley

Host: Nati Srebro (

Title: Power-aware Routing and Scheduling

Date: Nov. 16

Speaker: Daniel M (Matthew) Andrews

Host: Julia Chuzhoy (

Title: Perfect Matchings in Regular Bipartite Graphs

Date: Nov. 17

Speaker: Sanjeev Khanna, University of Pennsylvania

Host: Julia Chuzhoy (

Title: Dimension Reduction in L_1

Date: Nov. 18

Speaker: Moses Charikar

Host: Yury Makarychev (

Title: Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization

Date: Nov. 21

Speaker: Anupam Gupta, CMU

Host: Julia Chuzhoy (

Title: Learning A Semantic Space: From Image Annotation to Music Similarity

Date: Nov. 22

Speaker: Samy Bengio, Google

Host: Joseph Keshet (

Title: The Peptide Binding Problem

Date: Nov. 30

Speaker: Steve Smale, TTIC/City University of Hong Kong

Host: David McAllester (

Title: Algorithms for submodular objectives via continuous extensions and dependent randomized rounding

Date: Dec. 7

Speaker: Chandra Chekuri

Host: Yury Makarychev (

Title: Universal Speech Attribute Characterization for Automatic Speech Recognition and Spoken Language Recognition

Date: Dec. 8

Speaker: Torbjørn Svendsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Host: Karen Livescu (

Title: Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Structured Objects

Date: Jan. 18 at 10:30 am

Speaker: Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge

Host: Nati Srebro (

Title: Challenges for Machine Learning in Ecological Science and Environmental Management

Date: Jan. 26 at 1:00 pm

Speaker: Tom Dietterich, Oregon State

Host: Nati Srebro (

Title: Packing ellipsoids with overlap

Date: Feb. 13

Speaker: Steve Wright

Host: Nati Srebro (

Title: Combinatorial Hodge Theory and Applications

Date: Feb. 20 at 11:00 am

Speaker: Yuan Yao, PKU

Host: Jinbo Xu (

Title: Learning from Natural Instructions

Date: Feb. 21

Speaker: Dan Roth

Host: Gregory Shakhnarovich (

Title: Probabilistic Databases for Large-scale Knowledge-base Construction

Date: Mar. 21

Speaker: Andrew McCallum

Host: Raquel Urtasun (

Title: Convex Tensor Decomposition with Performance Guarantee

Date: Mar. 22

Speaker: Ryota Tomioka, University of Tokoyo

Host: Nati Srebro (

Title: Factor Graphs, Bayes Trees, and Preconditioning for SLAM and SFM

Date: May 9

Speaker: Frank Dellaert, Georgia Tech

Host: Raquel Urtasun (

Title: Selected Topics from ASR Research for Asian Languages at Tokyo Tech

Date: June 7

Speaker: Sadaoki Furui, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Host: David McAllester (

Title: How to Modify Bayesian Inference when All Models are Wrong

Date: June 21

Speaker: Peter Grunwald, CWI Amsterdam

Host: David McAllester (

Title: Phase Transition in Random Integer Programs

Date: June 25

Speaker: Kathekeyan Chandrasekaran

Host: Madhur Tusiani (

Title: Ensemble image segmentation using efficient integer linear programming

Date: August 6

Speaker: Jacob Goldberger, Bar-Ilan University

Host: Gregory Shakhnarovich (

Title: Statistical Models for Illumination and Geometry Inference.

Date: August 27

Speaker: Dimitris Samaras, SUNY Stony Brook

Host: Jinbo Xu (

Title: Robust Computation of Linear Models

Date: September 24

Speaker: Gilad Lerman, Univerity of Minnesota

Host: Nati Srebro (