PhD Tuition Scholarship & Financial Support

TTIC is committed to supporting its students fully for four years of doctoral education contingent on satisfactory status. No financial aid forms are required when applying to TTIC’s PhD program. Most applicants will receive a full-tuition waiver scholarship for their curriculum (at $30,000/year). The annual living support stipend offered for the first year is $2,542/month. This stipend requires no service in the first year. In the second year and beyond, students become Research Assistants to receive $2,542/month in wages.

TTIC also covers the cost of student-only health insurance for the first four years of the program with an Institute sponsored health insurance plan, and a Student Life fee that allows for all the student privilege services on campus (/imgncluding health and athletic center access, campus mass transit, library access, and networking services, etc.)

In addition to scholarships and stipends, all students receive a start-up equipment budget of $2,000 to acquire a computer or other necessary gear through the Director of IT. Additional research funding (for publications and conference attendance) may be provided throughout the student’s academic residency as various milestones are met.