TTIC is having a weekly seminar series presenting the research currently underway at the Institute. Every week a different TTIC faculty member will present their research.

The lectures are intended both for students seeking research topics and advisers, and for the general TTIC and University of Chicago communities interested in hearing what their colleagues are up to.

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Fridays 12:00 - 1:30pm at TTIC

Title: Inference and Learning with Random Maximum A-Posteriori Perturbations

Date: Oct 12, 2012

Speaker: Tamir Hazan

Title: Research Overview: Learning, Matrix Factorization, Optimization and Convex Relaxations

Date: Oct 19, 2012

Speaker: Nati Srebro

Title: Local regression, intrinsic dimension, and nonparametric sparsity

Date: Oct 26, 2012

Speaker: Samory Kpotufe

Title: Three short stories about your friends, enemies, and strangers

Date: Nov 2, 2012

Speaker: Anand Sarwate

Title: Online Learning and Convex Optimization

Date: Nov 9, 2012

Speaker: Francesco Orabona

Title: Modeling protein sequence-structure relationship

Date: Nov 16, 2012

Speaker: Jinbo Xu

Title: Cascade systems for image segmentation

Date: Nov 30, 2012

Speaker: Greg Shakhnarovich

Title: Approximation Algorithms for Semi-random Graph Partitioning Problems

Date: Dec 7, 2012

Speaker: Yury Makarychev

Date: Jan 18, 2013

Speaker: Or Zuk

Date: Jan 25, 2013

Speaker: Sanja Fidler

Title: Constraint Satisfaction Problems: the hard, the somewhat-hard and the easy

Date: Feb 1, 2013

Speaker: Madhur Tulsiani

Title: MapReduce Algortihmics

Date: Feb 8, 2013

Speaker: Benjamin Moseley

Title: New Efforts on Bayesian Inference

Date: Feb 15, 2013

Speaker: Dahua Lin

Title: Improving speech recognition with information about speech production

Date: Mar 1, 2013

Speaker: Karen Livescu

Title: Improving Statistical Machine Translation

Date: Mar 8, 2013

Speaker: Kevin Gimpel

Title: Discovering Rich Representations of Visual Categories from Human Annotations

Date: Mar 15, 2013

Speaker: Subhransu Maji

Title: Stochastic approximation algorithms for large-scale unsupervised learning

Date: Apr 24, 2013]

Speaker: Raman Arora

Title: Polynomial Bounds for the Grid-Minor Theorem

Date: May 10, 2013

Speaker: Julia Chuzhoy

Title: The State of PAC-Bayesian Theory

Date: May 24, 2013

Speaker: David McAllester

Title: Advancing Optimization and Learning for Computer-Aided Drug Design

Date: May 31, 2013

Speaker: Yang Shen

Title: Discriminative Metric Learning with Latent Structured Prediction

Date: June 7, 2013

Speaker: Greg Shakhnarovich

Title: Machine learning methods for predicting macromolecule 3D structures

Date: Sept 9, 2013

Speaker: Zhiyong Wang