TTIC is having a weekly seminar series presenting the research currently underway at the Institute. Every week a different TTIC faculty member will present their research.

The lectures are intended both for students seeking research topics and advisers, and for the general TTIC and University of Chicago communities interested in hearing what their colleagues are up to.

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Fridays 12:00 - 1:30pm at TTIC

Title: Deep Epitomic Networks and Explicit Scale/Position Search for Image Recognition

Date: Oct 10, 2014

Speaker: George Papandreou

Title: Reconstructive Sparse Code Transfer for Contour Detection and Semantic Labeling

Date: Oct 17, 2014

Speaker: Michael Maire

Title: Morphoid Type Theory

Date: Oct 24, 2014

Speaker: David McAllester

Title: Model Structure, Data, and Learning Bias in Weakly-Supervised Natural Language Processing

Date: Oct 31, 2014

Speaker: Kevin Gimpel

Title: On approximating capacitated $k$-median

Date: Nov 14, 2014

Speaker: Shi Li

Title: Feedforward semantic segmentation with zoom-out features

Date: Nov 21, 2014

Speaker: Gregory Shakhnarovich

Title: Multitask learning meets tensor factorization: task imputation via convex optimization

Date: Jan 9, 2015

Speaker: Ryota Tomioka

Title: Low-level Vision by Consensus in a Spatial Hierarchy of Regions

Date: Jan 16, 2015

Speaker: Ayan Chakrabarti

Title: Nonuniform Graph Partitioning with Unrelated Weights

Date: Jan 23, 2015

Speaker: Yury Makarychev

Title: Image-Based Modeling via Joint Analysis of Image and Shape Collections

Date: Jan 30, 2015

Speaker: Qixing Huang

Title: Improving Neural Embeddings using Knowledge

Date: Feb 6, 2015

Speaker: Mohit Bansal

Title: Structured Ranking

Date: Feb 20, 2015

Speaker: Ofer Meshi

Title: Multi-view representation learning with applications to speech and language

Date: Feb 27, 2015

Speaker: Karen Livescu

Title: Algorithmic problems in higher-order Fourier analysis

Date: Mar 6, 2015

Speaker: Madhur Tulsiani

Title: Learning Criteria for Natural Language Processing

Date: Mar 16, 2015

Speaker: Kevin Gimpel

Title: Probabilistic graphical models of multiple protein sequence alignment

Date: Apr 24, 2015

Speaker: Jinbo Xu

Title: Complexity of Propositional Proofs

Date: May 1, 2015

Speaker: Alexander Razborov

Title: Random Projections for Classification: A Recovery Approach

Date: May 15, 2015

Speaker: Mehrdad Mahdavi

Date: May 22, 2015

Speaker: John Lafferty

Title: Algorithmic Challenges in Next-Generation Sequencing Puzzles

Date: May 29, 2015

Speaker: Stefan Canzar

Title: On Large-Treewidth Graphs, Grid Minors, and Treewidth Sparsifiers

Date: June 12, 2015

Speaker: Julia Chuzhoy