Conference on Learning Theory June 25–June 27, 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland

Submission Deadline

Wednesday, February 15th, 22:00 UTC

Due to apparent confusion regarding the exact deadline hour, we are postponing the deadline by 28 hours. The submission deadline is extended until Wednesday, February 15th, 22:00 UTC (2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, 23:00 Central European). This means everyone everywhere should have the entire day on Tuesday to work on their submissions (but not the entire day Wednesday!)

Submission Instructions

The call-for-papers is available here and details expectations of papers submitted to the conference.


Submissions are limited to 12 single-column JMLR-formatted pages, plus additional pages for references and appendices. Please use the following LaTeX style files and template.


COLT reviewing is not double-blind, and program committee members will have access to author identities. However, in order to aid in minimizing the effect of initial impressions based on author identity, and in order to allow program committee members to seek double-blind reviews from sub-referees, submissions should NOT include author names or other identifying information.

  • Use the [anon] option, as in the LaTeX template, to suppress author names from appearing in the submission.
  • To the extent possible, avoid including directly identifying information. You should still include all relevant references, discussion, and scientific content, even if this might provide significant hints as to the author identity. You should generally refer to your own prior work in third person.
  • Avoid including acknowledgments in the submission (these can be added later).
  • It is expressly allowed to make available online a non-anonymized version of the submission or any other material that might reveal the author identities, e.g. on the author's web pages, on arXiv, or on any other site.

Submitting your paper

Papers should be submitted through EasyChair. We strongly recommend you create an EasyChair account and submit an initial version of your paper well ahead of the deadline. You can then update your submission up until the deadline.

Please contact in case of technical issues with the submission process.

Good luck!