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Latest News

Congratulations to Trustee Mari Ostendorf!

February, 2021 - TTIC trustee Mari Ostendorf has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

TTIC Celebrates Women in Science

February, 2021 - In honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, women at TTIC tell their stories.

Student Highlight

February, 2021 - Third-year PhD student Freda Shi bridges the gap between linguistics and computer science in her natural language processing research.

Women in Theoretical Machine Learning

January, 2021 - TTIC will be co-sponsoring a symposium on women in theoretical machine learning alongside other top research institutions.

Research Highlight

January, 2021 - Prof. Greg Shakhnarovich studies computer vision, which is about making computers understand, process, and create visual artifacts.

2020 ACM Fellow

January, 2021 - President Matthew Turk named 2020 ACM Fellow.

IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecturer

December, 2020 - Prof. Karen Livescu named a Distinguished Lecturer by the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Admissions Open House

November, 2020 - Join TTIC faculty and students December 4. Register in advance to attend.

TTIC is committed to providing a respectful and positive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.