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Latest News

TTIC RAP Bradly Stadie to give long presentation at ICML 2021

June, 2021 - Dr. Stadie conducts interdisciplinary research in machine learning

Alumni Highlight - Haris Angelidakis

June, 2021 - Dr. Angelidakis conducts research in approximation algorithms at TU Eindhoven.

NIH grant supports interscholastic research

May, 2021 - TTIC Prof. Karen Livescu joins new research team lead by UChicago's Prof. Margaret Beale Spencer.

Student Highlight: Blake Woodworth

May, 2021 - Woodworth hopes to pursue a career in academia after completing his PhD this Spring

TTIC welcomes new members to the Board of Trustees

May, 2021 - The Board welcomes three new Trustees, and announces a new Chair.

Student Highlight: Lingyu Gao

May, 2021 - Gao conducts research in Natural Language Processing with Prof. Kevin Gimpel

Professor Karen Livescu honored by the ISCA

May, 2021 - Prof. Livescu has been elected a fellow of the ISCA, recognizing her work in the field of speech and language processing.

RAP Alumni Highlight - Thatchaphol Saranurak

May, 2021 - Prof. Saranurak continues to conduct research in graph theory and algorithms at University of Michigan.

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