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Latest News

Student Workshop

February 2019, TTIC holds annual workshop highlighting student research. All are welcome!

Summer Workshop Program

November, 2018 - TTIC announces 2019 Summer Workshop Program

Industry Open House

October, 2018 - TTIC welcomes members of Chicago's tech industry to attend our Industry Open House.

TTIC Welcomes New Faculty

September, 2018 - TTIC welcomes 7 new Research Assistant Professors in Fall 2018.

AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO)

August, 2018 - TTIC is taking part in the inaugural AI Driving Olympics (AI-DO), a new competition focused around AI for self-driving cars, at NIPS 2018.

TTIC Welcomes Summer Visiting Students

August, 2018 - TTIC welcomes 17 visiting students from 11 universities during summer 2018.

Longuet-Higgins Prize 2018

June, 2018 - David McAllester awarded 2018 Longuet-Higgins Prize at CVPR.

TTIC President Search Underway

June, 2018 - TTIC President search underway as President Sadaoki Furui retires in 2019.

TTIC is committed to providing a respectful and positive environment for all members of its community, free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.