TTIC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Values Statement

In research and academia, diversity of ideas and counsel is imperative to producing the most impactful outcomes. TTIC’s mission to “achieve international impact through world-class research and education in fundamental computer science and information technology” requires respecting, celebrating, and promoting contributors and collaborators from across the spectrum of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, abilities, and disabilities, and encouraging inclusion of groups still underrepresented in our field. TTIC endeavors to create a more balanced and welcoming community, both within our walls and outside of them.

We are dedicated to research and academic excellence, and we aim to provide opportunity, inclusion, access and expanded representation in STEM fields to communities of color, first-generation college students, women, and others. We will reflect our commitment to these values in our recruiting, hiring, and admissions practices. And in the proud tradition of the South Side of Chicago, where TTIC is located, we plan to continue pursuing and expanding community outreach and programs that benefit our neighbors and create long-term opportunity for participants.

To achieve our mission it is essential to pursue the inclusion of those who remain underrepresented at the Institute, the research communities we are part of, and more broadly the science and technology fields. Equally essential is to provide everyone, and in particular those who have not been included in the past, with what they need to succeed. Because TTIC recognizes this, our goal is to make TTIC an ever more inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment. We are committed to actively moving toward that goal, with purpose, transparency, fairness, and vigor.

TTIC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee