TTIC’s External Advisory Committee (EAC) is a team of world-renowned faculty from top universities who provide the Institute an external perspective and valuable advice on academic matters. The EAC also plays an advisory role in faculty promotion cases. We are delighted to have this distinguished team of external academic advisors.

EAC Members

William T. Freeman

Thomas and Gerd Perkins Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Shafi Goldwasser

Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
C. Lester Hogan Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
UC Berkeley
RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of computer science and applied mathematics
Weizmann Institute
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Takeo Kanade

U.A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor of Robotics and Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
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Eva Tardos

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Science
Cornell University
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Former EAC Members