Dr. Yury Makarychev


PhD - Princeton University

Yury Makarychev received his MS degree in Mathematics from Moscow State University in 2001 and his PhD degree in Computer Science from Princeton University in 2008. He spent the following two years as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA and Cambridge, MA.

Yury’s research interests include combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, semi-definite programming, and low-distortion metric embedding. He has recently worked on developing approximation algorithms for unique games, constraint satisfaction, graph partitioning, and vertex ordering problems, investigating tradeoffs between local and global properties of metric spaces, and studying lift-and-project hierarchies of mathematical relaxations.

Dr. Makarychev also has a personally maintained website which can be found at http://www.ttic.edu/makarychev.