Research Highlight: Anand Bhattad

May, 2024 - Research Assistant Professor Anand Bhattad is exploring computer vision and generative models.

Student Highlight: Gene Li

February, 2024 - Gene Li's research makes discoveries in reinforcement learning theory.

2023 Outstanding Administrator: Deree Kobets

October, 2023 - Deree Kobets, TTIC’s Controller, received the 2023 Latrice Richards Outstanding Administrative Award.

Research Highlight: Derek Reiman

August, 2023 - Professor Derek Reiman is researching deep learning and human microbiome to improve and impact patient health.

Highlight: Winifred Ofori-Manu

July, 2023 - Graduating high school senior Winifred Ofori-Manu reflects on her year as president of the Kenwood Academy Girls Who Code chapter.

Student Highlight: Ben Lai

April, 2023 - PhD candidate Ben Lai is researching protein design and machine learning to accelerate the process of developing therapeutic drugs.

Student Highlight: Han Shao

March, 2023 - PhD candidate Han Shao is researching problems in machine learning theory.

Research Highlight: Natural Language Processing for Sign Language

February, 2023 - TTIC and the University of Chicago collaborators push the boundaries of natural sign language video understanding

Student Highlight: Bowen Shi

November, 2022 - Bowen Shi’s PhD project was on sign language recognition and translation to make today’s AI technologies more accessible.

2022 Outstanding Administrator: Mary Marre

October, 2022 - Mary Marre, Administrative Assistant to Faculty, was recognized for her hard work and dedication.

Student Alumni Highlight: Igor Vasiljevic

September, 2022 - Ph.D. student Igor Vasiljevic, who will be graduating this September, reflects on his time and research at TTIC.

RAP Alumni Highlight: Raymond Yeh

August, 2022 - Prof. Raymond Yeh shares his experiences after completing his one-year term as a Research Assistant Professor (RAP) at TTIC.

Group Highlight: Women@TTIC

July, 2022 - Women@TTIC connects women students and faculty members.

Faculty Highlight: Kevin Gimpel

February, 2022 - Prof. Kevin Gimpel is inspired by the relationship between computer science and language.

2021 Outstanding Administrator: Adam Bohlander

February, 2022 - The award is presented to an exceptional administrator each fall

Student Highlight: Takuma Yoneda

February 2022, - PhD candidate Takuma Yoneda hopes to see helpful robots in every home.

Student Highlight: Chip Schaff

November, 2021 - Schaff optimizes robotics from the inside out.

Faculty Alumni Highlight: Steve Hanneke

September, 2021 - Hanneke hopes to design more data-efficient machine learning algorithms.

Administrator Highlight: Rose Bradford

September, 2021 - Bradford was awarded TTIC’s first annual Outstanding Administrator Award in 2020.

Student Highlight: David Yunis

August, 2021 - Yunis conducts empirical research to understand deep learning.

Alumni Highlight: Karthik Sridharan

July, 2021 - Prof. Sridharan explores questions around machine learning in reactive environments.

Student Highlight: Andrea Daniele

July, 2021 - Fifth-year PhD student Andrea Daniele conducts research in robotics.

Student Highlight: Mingda Chen

June, 2021 - Chen is interested in creating NLP models that can understand humans.

Alumni Highlight: Haris Angelidakis

June, 2021 - Dr. Angelidakis conducts research in approximation algorithms at TU Eindhoven.

Student Highlight: Blake Woodworth

May, 2021 - Woodworth hopes to pursue a career in academia after completing his PhD this Spring.

Student Highlight: Lingyu Gao

May, 2021 - Gao conducts research in Natural Language Processing with Prof. Kevin Gimpel.

RAP Alumni Highlight: Thatchaphol Saranurak

May, 2021 - Prof. Saranurak continues to conduct research in graph theory and algorithms at University of Michigan.

Alumni Highlight: Professor Hao Tang

April, 2021 - 2017 PhD graduate Prof. Hao Tang lectures in speech and language processing at the University of Edinburgh.

Q&A with sixth-year PhD Student Nick Kolkin

April, 2021 - Kolkin conducts research in style transfer, and will be joining Adobe Research next fall.

Research Highlight: Dr. Brian Bullins

March, 2021 - Second-year RAP Dr. Brian Bullins explores questions in parallel optimization.

Student Highlight: Ankita Pasad

March, 2021 - Fourth-year PhD candidate Ankita Pasad conducts research in speech and language technologies and machine learning.

Research Highlight: Dr. Audrey Sedal

March, 2021 - First-year RAP Dr. Audrey Sedal hopes to create soft robots with real-life applications.

Student Highlight: Freda Shi

February, 2021 - Third-year PhD student Freda Shi bridges the gap between linguistics and computer science in her natural language processing research.

Research Highlight: Greg Shakhnarovich

January, 2021 - Prof. Greg Shakhnarovich studies computer vision, which is about making computers understand, process, and create visual artifacts.