Administrator Highlight: Rose Bradford

Manager of Research Administration Rose Bradford has been with TTIC for over four years now, since April of 2017. In her role, she assists faculty with grant submissions, and reduces the administrative burden on them. She ensures that all submissions follow the correct procedures and include all of the right information, so no submissions are rejected due to administrative errors.

“What I love about being a research administrator is that I feel like I’m contributing to science by assisting the researchers. That really does give me a sense of purpose, it is really exciting,” said Bradford. Though much of her work is behind the scenes, it is an integral part of the Institute. Much of the groundbreaking research being conducted at TTIC is enabled by grant funding, and if the grants aren’t awarded because the paperwork is wrong, that research can’t happen.

She has also made great strides in the Institute’s community outreach efforts, having even co-facilitated a Girls Who Code club herself at Carnegie Elementary School. Bradford hopes to continue expanding community outreach efforts, having recently organized a partnership with ChiS&E (The Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program).

One of her favorite things about working at TTIC is the environment. “The main thing is the teamwork amongst the administrative staff, it really is like a family. It feels like you’re a part of something special. I’ve been happy to be a part of it from the beginning. It’s nice to feel like we can help the students and faculty along the way and make their jobs easier. That motivates me. I love what I do, and I’m happy to be doing it here at TTIC,” said Bradford.

At the 2020 virtual diploma and awards ceremony, she was awarded the first annual Latrice Richards Outstanding Administrator Award. “The fact that they thought I deserved it for the work that I do with the community just reinforced my desire to want to get out there and make the most impact that we can on behalf of the institute. Latrice was my buddy, and the fact that they wanted to honor her life that way has made me feel really good. I was just deeply deeply honored,” she said.

Bradford hopes to continue providing support to the researchers at TTIC through helping them apply for and manage their grants, and to continue partnering with organizations in our local South Side community. Rose’s dedication, enthusiasm and expertise elevate and serve the mission of TTIC and we look forward to her continued success.