Partnering with TTIC

TTIC is a world-class academic computer science institute dedicated to basic research and graduate education in fundamental computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science. TTIC is home to more than 20 faculty members, 35 graduate students, and dozens of visiting students. The Institute focuses on machine learning, computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, speech processing, computational biology, and theoretical computer science.

The Industry Affiliates Program establishes a relationship between TTIC and industrial partners with mutual interests in fundamental computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science. This partnership enables TTIC faculty and students to learn about industry priorities and perspectives, and exposes corporate partners to new ideas and research directions that are highly relevant to industry. Corporate members have unique opportunities for collaborative research and development, training and education, talent acquisition, startup connections, and many others. In particular, IAP members have unique access to

The Industry Affiliates Program offers several membership levels, which provide different degrees of interaction with students and faculty at TTIC. Membership details are available here.

If you are interested in participating in the Industry Affiliates Program, please complete this form.

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