Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Zhongtian Dai

PhD Student

Andrea F. Daniele

PhD Student

Jiading Fang

PhD Student

Shengjie Lin

PhD Student

Keziah Naggita

PhD Student

(Co-advised by Avrim Blum)

Chip Schaff

PhD Student

Takuma Yoneda

PhD Student

David Yunis

PhD Student

We are looking for talented PhD students who are excited about computer vision, natural language understanding, and machine learning for robotics. If you are interested in joining us, consider applying to TTIC.

Previous Members

Research Assistant Professors

  • Mohit Bansal (Currently an Associate Professor at University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill)
  • Audrey Sedal (Currently an Assistant Profesor at McGill University)

PhD Students

MS Students

  • Bharat Chandar, "Grasping With Visual and Semantic Features", University of Chicago, July 2016, Co-advised by Yali Amit
    (Currently a PhD student at Stanford)
  • Cha Chen, University of Chicago, August 2017
    (Currently a Software Engineer at Apple)
  • Hongyuan Mei, "Natural Language Processing with Attention-based Neural Networks", University of Chicago, August 2016, Co-advised by Mohit Bansal
    (Currently a Research Assistant Professsor at TTIC)
  • Ben Picker, "The Hips as a Four-Bar Linkage System: Using Reinforcement Learning to Explore Compensation Patterns in Patients with Leg Length Discrepancies", University of Chicago, May 2022, Co-advised by Yali Amit

BS Students

  • Zachary Robertson, "Imitation Learning from Observation", University of Chicago, June 2020
    (Currently a PhD student at Stanford University)

Visiting Students

  • James Alvarado (Currently a BS student at the University of Michigan)
  • Christian Cabada
  • Hang Chu (Currently a Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk AI Lab)
  • Julian Coward (Currently a a BS student at the University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Rasool Fakoor (Currently a Research Scientist at Amazon)
  • Colin Flaherty (Currently a Research Engineer at FAIR)
  • Alex Gajewski (Currently a BS student at Columbia University)
  • Yuchen He (Currently a Research Scientist at Facebook)
  • Dong Ki Kim (Currently a PhD student at MIT)
  • Arthur MacKeith (Currently a PhD student at Yale University)
  • Lei Mao (Currently a Senior Deep Learning Engineer at NVIDIA)
  • Jonathan Michaux (Currently a PhD student at the University of Michigan)
  • Alonso Morales (Currently a BS student at the Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Jonathan Padua (Currently a BS student at the University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Angel Santiago (Currently a BS student at the University of Puerto Rico)
  • Ethan Schondorf (Currently a Software Engineer at Globus Labs)
  • Bobby Shi (Currently a PhD student at UT Austin)
  • Zhengyang Wu (Currently a Senior Deep Learning Engineer at Magic Leap)
  • David Yunis (Currently a PhD student at TTIC)