Academic Events

Students enjoy a rich academic environment with many opportunities to attend and participate in workshops, talks, distinguished lectures, and other academic events hosted at TTIC.


TTIC is located in Hyde Park on the University of Chicago campus and has a close affiliation with the University of Chicago Computer Science Department. Students enjoy full privileges of the University library system, athletic facilities, student wellness services, student organizations, mass transit, and other services.


Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, representing many different cultures, food, music, sports teams, theaters, art, historical sites, and Lake Michigan. Students enjoy immersing themselves in and exploring the sights, sounds and opportunities that Chicago has to offer.

Groups at TTIC

There are many ways for students to get involved at TTIC, including reading groups, service committees, Women@TTIC, 200+ on-campus student organizations, student representative service, and more.

Outreach and Partnerships

TTIC is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and supporting those who will become the next generation of computer scientists. We are proud of our outreach activities and community partnerships to pursue the inclusion of those who remain underrepresented in computer science. Learn more here.

Social Life

Students enjoy a strong sense of community during their time in the program. Whether it is a student-planned game night or excursion to a downtown restaurant, an institute-planned boating cruise on Lake Michigan, or a faculty-student picnic or barbeque, there are many opportunities to have some fun, and meet people that will enrich your academic and personal life.