Toyota Technological Institute Japan

The Toyota Technological institute (TTI) in Nagoya, Japan, established TTIC in cooperation with the University of Chicago in 2003. TTI was founded in 1981, as part of the social contribution activities of the Toyota Motor Corporation, to provide undergraduate education in engineering. Over forty years later, TTI has a School of Engineering, a Master’s Program (since 1984), and a Doctoral Program (since 1995). TTI emphasizes a hands-on, interdisciplinary engineering experience. The programs consist of three areas of coursework: Mechanical Systems Engineering, Electronics & Information Science, and Materials Science & Engineering. TTI has several research laboratories and centers in its areas of concentration. The number of graduate students is now approximately 120, undergraduate students 390, faculty and researchers 115, and staff 55.

TTIC and TTI maintain a strong relationship. The two schools share a student exchange program, guest researcher and lecture opportunities, an online machine learning course, workshop events, and an enthusiasm for education and research.

Following the words of Mr. Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, TTI “respects the spirit of research and creativity, and always strives to stay ahead of the times.” While many decades have passed since these words were spoken, they remain important to the perpetual progress of scientific technology, and to the values that TTI and TTIC share.